Net Zero Doesn't Sell

Turns out deep green efficiency is good enough without all the bells and whistles of solar

Green Canopy has recently completed our first ever, new construction project. We were ambitious and the results were beautiful for this new twin development in Tangletown. We literally reached for the stars - Sol and Solange are on target to be the first NetZero, LEED Platinum, 5 Star BuiltGreen homes on the market in Seattle. With all of those certs - these beauties are bound to get snatched up! However - we have learned that in Seattle - no matter how well engineered it may be - Solar just doesn't sell quickly. Several hundred people came through our open houses and have toured our listings since going live a few weeks ago - more than we have ever seen. And our greatest feedback..." the net-zero part is not essential.  We just like your work and 'deep green' is certainly good enough."

In response to that, we recently lowered the price and re-listed without the Solar panels. Let the market rule!