Harvard Business Review

Too Early, Too Late or Just Right?


Post contributed by Aaron Fairchild:

The same day that I received an email from a friend saying that he thought G2B Ventures just might be too early in the space and ahead of the market, I read an article in the Harvard Business Review about how, “smart companies now treat sustainability as innovation’s new frontier." There were a few articles in the September 2009 issue relating to green and sustainability. The lead article says that companies won’t grow unless they throw themselves entirely at green initiatives. I am in the thick of establishing the Efficient Real Estate Investment Fund, so naturally I tend to side with HBR over my thoughtful friend. Frankly, it is just amazing to observe how far we have come in the green and sustainability business world. We couldn’t have done what we are attempting to do in green real estate 5 years ago, but today it just makes sense.

When Harvard is saying the business world MUST go green to grow, you've got to think G2B is in the right space and at the right time, not just because we are doing good for the environment and society, but because we can make money at the same time.