Ron Rubin: Rogue Genius


Ron Rubin hangs his license at RE/MAX Metro Realty in Seattle, but he is also the self-proclaimed “anti-real estate agent.”  

Ron likes to keep things simple, staying focused on what’s most important and not worrying much about what other people think about him.  He’s not one to get excited about awards – not because he doesn’t appreciate it – but because he doesn’t enjoy basking in the spotlight.  Ron’s claim to fame in high school was having no claim to fame in school.  He’s been fired from every job he ever had and that’s why he became a real estate agent.  But with a stellar team, legendary systems and ~$16M in BuiltGreen certified new construction home sales last year – he is obviously no slouch.  Ron is well known in Seattle for taking care of his builder clients with bulldog loyalty and finding deals through thick and thin.   

One of the first times I met Ron he was wrestling his young toddler at a playground on Queen Anne and explaining that while it’s difficult to have babies without grandparents nearby, he expects nothing from them because it allows him to accept everything that comes from them with gratitude.  Perhaps the culture of thankfulness comes in part from his experience narrowly escaping the tsunami that ravaged Thailand in the winter of 2005.  He and his partner Rebecca stayed in Thailand to set up a guerilla relief fund called Waves of Mercy to provide “zero-red-tape” monetary aid to the people who needed help right away.  

Ron’s MO is connecting resources to his people who need it - no need for a spotlight or a claim to fame.  

Ron Rubin
Green Genius Listing Agent of the Year Finalist
Re/Max Metro Realty

  • Sam: What gets you excited about the green building movement?

  • Ron: The guys that are doing the green building are creating designs that are unique, different and creating a legacy.

  • Sam: What was your favorite green project?

  • Ron: Sloan's project was my favorite this year because A to Z - it had cool, cutting edge design, forward thinking, great material selection. It went beyond economics for the love of green design...instead of economic gain. It's truly leaving a legacy. It was visionary and forward thinking down t the details. I mean they even included underground power for cars on the parking strip.

  • Sam: What advice would you give to buyers and sellers of green homes?

  • Ron: Understand the cost/benefit ratio of each item you are selecting and choose carefully. Not all buyers will pay for certain things...don't overbuild the neighborhood

  • Sam: What do you like most about living in California?

  • Ron: The weather! it's 75 at thanksgiving

  • Sam: What was your superlative in high school – (ie most likely too…)?

  • Ron:  I was never voted for anything. My claim to fame was that I managed to get fired from very job I ever had... That's why I'm a real estate agent. 

  • Sam: What is your favorite pump up song? 

  • Ron: Theme song from Rocky

  • Sam: What is your favorite comfort food?

  • Ron: Truffle Macaroni & Cheese, or Toro Sashimi - it's the fattiest.