green genius

The PNW is the hub of Greener Living: Thanks to These Geniuses

We are thrilled to highlight another year of excellence in green real estate. The 4th Annual Green Genius AwardS are right around the corner and we are excited to introduce some fabulous brokers this year. As the PNW transforms into a hive for sustainability - these brokers are capitalizing on new greenbiz trends in real estate. On September 13th We will be awarding the top Listing and Selling Agents as well as the top Listing and Selling offices at the Green Genius Award Ceremony during the Built Green Conference. These teams and individuals are key players in helping to transform the market, and their influence contributes to the growing trend of bringing more Built Green homes to the market every year. We’re excited to honor the great work they’ve done and the value they bring to their client’s lives. 
We hope to see you there! 



Now that the green building movement has become more mainstream in Seattle, what are the most relevant value propositions that make homebuyers choose green homes over a code-built conventional homes? 
It’s a combination of things. There are definitely individuals who are really interested in the metrics and being able to see the difference in a very concrete way and understand the processes involved. That exists particularly in Seattle, where we have quite a sophisticated group of buyers and sellers. But it also has to be valuable to a greater audience, to the bulk of buyers who are right there in the middle.
Articulating the value to that group of people and helping them understand how a Built Green home is going to be financially sustainable over the long term is really important. One builder that I work with is very hands on and accessible to buyers. His willingness to meet with them in person and articulate that value really helps the buyer feel confident that it’s not just smoke and mirrors, it’s real, data driven information.
In your professional opinion, how can the green building movement continue to push our society and communities toward more sustainable living? 
Systems that will be able to constantly renew your ability to harvest your own energy such as solar panels or geothermal position you to really be able to pull yourself away from the grid and be self sustaining. That’s super exciting to me.
How do you incorporate sustainability into your own life?
Right now I’m remodeling my own home. I’m trying to bring in as many sustainable systems as I can, like solar panels, an improved heating system and tightening up the insulation. I’m looking at how these improvements are going to help me save money over time, and I also think there’s a lot more care and quality in this kind of development. Builders that build sustainably have put a lot more into that house, period. You’re just getting a better product over all, the bar is set much higher.
Why do you think the Seattle area is national leader in the green & sustainable building movement? 
It’s part of our DNA as Seattleites! We have the mother ship for REI here, mountain climbers, people who move here so they can be skiing in 45 minutes and people who hop on Lake Union on a Tuesday afternoon for sailing races. While Seattle isn’t necessarily a rugged frontier anymore, I think that’s how it started and you have people who wanted to preserve that spirit and character from many, many decades back. Now that we’ve had this tech boom, they go hand in hand because it’s brought a demographic of people who are looking for above average homes.
What do you like to do to enjoy the PNW summers?
I love playing soccer, running, getting out on the Puget Sound and going crabbing and harvesting oysters with my family at our beach property. We actually have our own oyster bed there.
If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?
The Italian Riviera. While I’ve been there before, I really hope to go back soon. I was a teacher for 12 years before I got into real estate, and got to teach at an international school in Genoa, Italy. I’d love to be able to be able to go back and visit every little hamlet and unknown city on that stretch of coast. It’s like a second home to me.
If you could be an Olympic athlete, what sport would you want to compete in?
It would have to be something in track and field. The marathon would definitely be a candidate, or the 1500-meter or 200-meter sprint – which is always such a dramatic race. The Olympics is still the pinnacle of running going all the way back to the ancient Greeks.