I’ve been happy with the reliable returns I’ve received with Green Canopy’s fund offerings.  They’ve been a win-win:  solid returns paired with environmental outcomes I value.
— Kathy W., Green Canopy Investor

With the desire to expand their positive impact, Green Canopy seeks to…

  • Transform the real estate market whereby highly resource-efficient housing is demanded and rewarded. The more net-zero energy homes Green Canopy Homes develops and puts into the market, the more other builders will follow suit, causing housing’s large environmental footprint to decrease. Becoming a market-based leader that offers net-zero energy homes will move the needle of impact further and faster.

  • Use land as efficiently as possible to prevent the negative impacts of urban and suburban sprawl. By increasing density, Green Canopy helps limit urban sprawl into our farms, forest, wild lands and salmon streams and increase access to urban schools, parks, and amenities at a lower price-point.

  • Increase accessibility of net-zero energy, highly resource-efficient homes. Green Canopy’s innovative program with the Washington State Housing Finance Commission has allowed the Company to sell 15% of its total portfolio at affordable and accessible prices. 

I really believe the secret sauce of Green Canopy’s success originates from their culture. There really is a culture of trust and support and accountability that makes a really positive environment for people to do their best.
— Byron McCann, Investor and Advisor

*This is for informational purposes and not solicitation.