Green Canopy Builds Homes, Relationships, and Businesses that Help Regenerate Communities and Environments…

We are the only for-profit homebuilder (that we are aware of) in America that was intentionally and deliberately started to combat and lessen the negative impacts of climate change and resource scarcity via in-city homebuilding. Our business philosophy and corporate culture has emerged from our collective values, values that are defined, and re-defined, each year by our employees—not just our marketing staff.



Our Values

Every year, the Green Canopy Crew comes together to reevaluate how we want to work together and the culture we want to create. This year we decided on these core values:


Authentic Communication

  • Quit your “second job”

  • Seek first to understand

  • Clarify and verify

  • Have hard conversations now


  • Be courageous, live into your potential

  • Learn daily, grow deliberately

  • Check the content, not just the box

  • Work like an owner to create the company you want

Cultivating Community

  • Have fun!

  • Bring your whole self

  • Put yourself in other people’s shoes

  • Create space to help each other grow